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PMT 15-Mile Hike

PMT 15-Mile Hike

We will hike about 12 miles of the Pine Mountain Trail and the 2.7 miles of the Sawtooth Trail. We will provide a support team, water refill and snack stations, and a shuttle will be available throughout the hike if you decide you’ve had enough fun.

We will begin at the WJSP TV Tower mile 23 and make our way to our end point at Fox Den Cove.

What You Get:

  • Support Team

  • Trail Guide- your trail guide is a Wilderness First Responder and will carry first aid kit.

  • Water and snack stations

  • Shuttle

What You Need:

  • Shoes with good traction

  • Water bottle/bladder

  • Lunch (the support team will carry your lunch for you)

  • Extra pair of socks

  • We recommend trekking poles but not required

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