Michele has 20+ years experience backpacking/hiking around the world and is an experienced group leader. Through the years she has learned from trial and error what works and how to do things. In addition, she has wilderness survival training. Her passion is to bring women from all walks of life together in the great outdoors to experience the benefits of spending time in nature. Michele also stresses the importance of learning the skills needed to safely navigate the outdoors.

Certifications / Memberships: 

  • Wilderness First Responder
  • Adult/Child CPR, AED & Airway Management
  • Epinephrine Auto-Injector
  • Animal First Aid, CPR & Airway Management
  • Leave No Trace Awareness Course
  • Leave No Trace Member
  • Pine Mountain Trail Association Member

Volunteer Work

  • PMTA Volunteer - Adopt a Trail Section / Adopt a Campsite
  • Animal Ark Rescue 


Mike is a loyal, friendly member of our team.  Mike knows first hand what wilderness survival is.  Someone dumped him in the middle of the woods to fend for himself and he almost died.  Some would say that I rescued Mike but the reality is that Mike rescued me.  We got Mike the medical treatment he needed and nursed him back to health.  Today Mike is a healthy, happy dog and a big part of our team. Mike likes to lead the hikes, and enjoys making everyone feel safe and comfortable.

Volunteers / consultants

We couldn't do this without our great group of volunteers. 

Kathy Lyon, Instructor & Guide Assistant - RN

Cricket Hyatt Moseley, Planning Assistant

Jessica Lyon, Guide Assistant - EMT 

Rudy Eisenzopf, Business Consultant   

Jonathan Krause, Creative Team         

Jennifer Lyon, Planning Assistant        

Justin Dunnigan, Creative Team  

Tim Dunnigan Jr., Finance & Business Consultant

Liz Gilliland Albright, Guide Assistant - Wilderness First Aid Certification

Shannon Gardner, Guide Assistant - Wilderness First Aid Certification


Our Ambassadors are an important part of our team. They offer great support and help us spread awareness.

Sabrina Lamberth

Anna Wells

Shannon Gardner

Brittany Hill

Morgan Hill

Meg Harbin

Stacy Mote