Take the First Step

"Oh, I don't think, physically, I can go hiking in the wilderness."  I hear that excuse from women all the time, and I'm here to tell you "Yes you can!"  Anyone can take a walk in the wilderness.  All you have to do is take the first step.  What’s great about going into the wilderness is you can hike at your own pace and go as far as you want. You are in charge of your own adventure, just as you are in charge of your own life. My passion is to get women to take that first step. You will find that with each accomplishment your physical and mental strength increases with each step, and the desire to tackle the next adventure grows stronger.


When I started I was far from being an athlete, but I’ve learned I can push my limits further than I ever thought possible with every step I take.  One of the great things you learn is you are stronger than you think you are, and the strength you find in the wilderness carries over into your everyday life. You gain confidence, strength, peace, and it keeps you in line with what is really important.  Hiking, backpacking, and camping in the wilderness has taught me to enjoy life and to appreciate all the small moments in time.


I'm telling you to throw out whatever excuse you are using to convince yourself you can’t do it, and just take that first step.  Join us on an adventure and let me prove to you how strong you are.  When you have a group of women and all they have to worry about is their basic survival needs, you have a very powerful force.  Stepping out of your comfort zone and into the wilderness surrounded by other women who are there to encourage you, give help when you need it, and laugh about life, is an amazing experience. Every decision you make as a group can determine your success or failure.  You gain a greater respect for the wildlife, the weather, your skills, and just how beautiful and inspiring those mountains are.  I'm not going to lie to you.  The wilderness can be unforgiving at times, but with proper planning, preparation, and guidance it gives you everything you need to survive and strengthen your soul.


I have taken many women out on their first adventure, and I love to watch them experience it.  My heart swells with pride as I watch them push themselves past what they thought was their limit.  I’ve had some inspiring experiences with some amazing women.  You gain a lot of personal strength, both physical and mental.  You get to experience a beauty which gives you a sense of peace and clarity.  One of the greatest rewards comes when you overcome the struggle, the adversity.   I love the journey, but the greatest moment for me, is when we reach the end.  Not because it’s over, but I get to see the look of accomplishment, of confidence, of triumph on your face.  That look that says, I DID IT!  The look that says there is nothing I can't do.   I recommend that you give it a try even if you are saying, “that’s not my thing”. I have never taken anyone on an adventure that didn’t walk away inspired and rejuvenated.  Explore yourself.  Explore the world.  Take the first step.  I promise you won’t regret it.