There is awe in the Journey

Most of us only take pictures of all the amazing things we see and do on our adventures.  When we are trying to get someone to love what we do we tend to only talk about the great experiences and show the most amazing pictures, but we are missing the mark when we don’t talk about the difficult part of it, because it is during the difficult parts that we receive the greatest gifts.  Moments that make us appreciate the amazing sites and wildlife we are fortunate enough to experience.  Moments that cannot be reached without making it through the difficulties of getting there.  For me, this teaches how to get through the hard parts of my everyday life. We are in awe when we see the view from the summit but we must also be in awe of the journey to get there.  Most of us have had those moments when we ask ourselves “why?”Why take another step when your body hurts from carrying that heavy pack and your legs are feeling the ascent.  Why take another step when a bad storm blows in and the feeling of fear comes over you.  Why take another step when you and everyone around you smells, and you don’t think you can eat anymore tuna or oatmeal.  For me, the journey to the destination is just as important as standing on the summit.  The journey test my mind and body.  I have learned that after each adventure, even in my weakest moments, I am stronger both physically and mentally.  When I return from an adventure I’m ready to take on the world. The simple things we typically take for granted each day become great treasures.  My bed, toilet, and shower become the most amazing things in my life.  My adventures have taught me what is important in my life, and to appreciate the people that are in it.


I hope that you will take that first step to lead an adventurous life.  Know that in the beauty and in the struggle you will be greatly rewarded.