Find Hope

Finding Hope in the Quiet

When I’m surrounded by wilderness, I have a great sense of hope. I feel strong and at peace. I have hope that my life has meaning, that people are good, and that things do happen for a reason. I’m my happiest self when I’m in the woods. It’s where I feel at home, its where I feel safe, and it’s where I’m re-filled with hope each time I go. I have hope that I’m good enough, hope that I’m strong enough to survive whatever life throws my way, and hope that the reasons far out way the losses. This is a place where everyone should go for a moment.  A place that’s quiet, where you can be thankful for just simply being alive. Sometimes it’s nice to be small when we are all trying to be so big. There is no next big promotion, big house, nice car, or fancy clothes. There’s just you and your basic needs of survival. Something magical happens when you are only concerned with your basic needs. It’s like a reset button and you come back feeling refreshed. You leave the unimportant things behind. It’s an amazing feeling. It reminds you what and who is important and nothing else matters. I believe that if you don’t learn how to be in the quiet, the noise that fills our everyday lives can become poison to us.