Don't Hibernate During Winter

Dress For The Weather

Winter is a great time to get outdoors and explore. Don't let the colder temperatures keep you inside. Layering is the key to maximizing your comfort. Each layer has a function.

The base layer (against your skin) manages moisture. This should be a light and long sleeve shirt made of wicking material.  The base layer can be made from merino wool, synthetic fabrics or silk depending on your activity level. I also recommend a shirt that has thumb holes.

The insulating layer protects you from the cold by trapping air close to your body. Wool and goose down are great insulators. Keep in mind that down must be kept dry to maintain its insulating ability. Fleece provides warmth for a variety of conditions. They come in lightweight, midweight, and expedition

The shell layer protects you from the weather. Choose one that allows perspiration to escape and is waterproof. This is an important piece of the pie as it keeps water and wind from getting to your inner layers. 

A pair of gloves that offer lightweight and breathable hand protection is best if you will be active. I recommend a pair that has nonslip grip also. 

Don't forget a hat! There are plenty of options and styles out there. We like the ones that have a ponytail hole if you have long hair. 

Dressing in layers allows you to adjust based on your activity level. So layer up and join us in the great outdoors this winter.