Heading Into The Wild Prepared

Heading Into The Wild Prepared

There has been an increase in people going into the wild, visiting national and State parks. We love to see this! There has also been an increase in people needing to be rescued. More people are showing up unprepared, without the skills and proper equipment needed. The increase in people getting lost or hurt is putting a lot of pressure on first responders. They are getting spread thin, a lot of times rescuing people that shouldn't need to be rescued. Without the proper skills and gear, they are panicking and calling for help, when they could get themselves out of their current situation. This takes away from those that are in serious danger and need to be rescued. 

We have a mission to teach people how to safely go into the wildlands to minimize their chance of having to be rescued. We will have a two-day event where you will learn backpacking basics, trail safety, wilderness survival, Leave No Trace ethics, and first aid. Our hope is that you will take what you learn, and safely go to explore our wild places. 

People sometimes mistake "park" for safety. Just because it's a national or state park doesn't mean you don't carry the responsibility to be prepared and take the right actions. We can't stress enough that even a short day hike could turn into a rescue situation if you are not prepared.  

There are many benefits to getting out in our wild places. They range from physical benefits to emotional benefits. We want everyone to experience what the wilderness can provide us. But we want you to do it safely, with the necessary skills and gear. So join us for this opportunity to learn all the basic skills and acquire the knowledge to confidently explore our beautiful wild places.

These fine men and women are there to help you in a rescue situation. We don't want you to ever be in a situation that you need them. Park Rangers are a great resource when planning a trip. You will learn about the logistics of planning your trip during the backpacking basics segment. 

Watch for upcoming dates for this two day event and additional information.