Set a Goal and Train

Iron Braid 23-Miler

Join us on our group hike where we will complete the whole 23 miles of the Pine Mountain Trail in March. Whether you have hiked this far in one day or not, our bodies need to be prepared for what we will demand of it. Before you begin any training regiment you should consult with your Doctor. The amount of conditioning you need depends on your current fitness level. 

Design a fitness plan that you will be able to stick to and be realistic with your goals. Once you have a plan, get moving. We recommend building a strong cardio base, strengthening your core, and improving your balance. 

Balance is important when hiking as it will help you keep your footing on the trail. This could be as simple as standing on one foot for five to thirty seconds. Stretching is also important. You should begin each exercise routine with dynamic stretches such as knee lifts and high kicks. To recover it's important to do static stretches after your work out or hike. Don't forget those ankles! You can do ABC's while sitting at your desk or watching the television.

Having a strong core will make hiking much easier. Incorporate exercises that work your entire core. It's also important to have strong leg muscles. Whether you run or walk, make sure you work your way up to inclines. If you don't live around hills, you can use stairs.  

Don't forget to give your body fuel. It's important to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water.  

Having a goal to look forward to can help motivate you. So, register for the Iron Braid 23-Miler in March and get to work.