Barefoot Hills Experience

Barefoot Hills Experience

Barefoot Hills, previously Hiker Hostel, in Dahlonega, Georgie was overall a great experience. When we arrived, we were immediately greeted and felt welcomed. The facilities were very clean and comfortable. We chose to stay in the bunk room, which we shared with a mom and daughter team. There were only two bunk rooms with four beds each, a common area, and kitchen. They serve a light breakfast in the mornings but we felt it was perfect. The remainder of the property appears to be catered to those coming to explore the wineries and getaways. 

Our first day, we were shuttled to the Hightower Gap trailhead. We then hiked twelve miles to Woody Gap trailhead. It was a beautiful section with great views in a few spots. When we arrived at the trailhead our shuttle had to leave us to pick up an injured hiker. Fortunately, our roommates were able to give us a ride back to Barefoot Hills. 

Our second day, we were shuttled to Springer Mountain trailhead. We then hiked eight and a half miles to Hightower Gap. Our day was filled with rain and fog but we still enjoyed a great hike. When we arrived at Hightower Gap, we had to wait an hour for our shuttle. We spent that time relaxing from our hike, meeting new trail friends, and talking with the rangers. 

We were scheduled to hike ten and a half miles the next day. The rangers advised us to get off the mountain due to severe weather approaching, so we chose to cut our adventure short. The staff at the Barefoot Hills were understanding of us cutting our trip short, and we were told they would adjust our bill. 

When we made reservations, under old pricing, we were pleased with the cost. It included three nights stay, four breakfast, and a shuttle for each day. I believe with the rate increases, the slackpacking will not continue to be successful. With that said, the staff was great and it was an overall pleasant experience.