Iron Braid 12-Miler

Iron Braid 12-Miler Pine Mountain Trail

We began our hike with amazing views of the sun rising to greet us. It was perfect weather until the last two miles. The rain was a welcomed feeling after ten miles and the smell of fresh rain on the forest was refreshing.

After everyone arrived, to include our new dog friend Carter, we began our hike from the Country Store parking lot. With a group this size, we had two guides. This allowed for people to enjoy the hike at their own pace. 

Along the way, we stopped to enjoy the views and appreciate the colors of Fall. The forest was painted with red, yellow, orange and brown colors. It's always nice to stop and take in your surroundings. 

We stopped at the halfway point to refuel with some good food, take our shoes off, and relax for a little bit. Carter even had some turkey. After everyone refilled their bottles with some cold water, we continued to finish the second half of our hike.

Along the way, we stopped for breaks and to cool off in the creek. Everyone did an amazing job. We thank you all for joining us and special thanks to our volunteers for helping to make this hike a great experience.