The Year Of Giving - Karen Burrowsfield Spotlight

The Year Of Giving - Karen Burrowsfield Spotlight

We would like to introduce a woman who is a leading example of service. Karen Burrowsfield was born in upstate New York and moved to Florida when she was five years old. She knew from an early age that she was meant to serve and wanted to go to the Peace Corp. God had a different plan for her though. Karen gave her service in the Army. She was in the Army Intelligence in the 1980's when she met her spouse, who was in the Air Force. The military was her family from 1984 to 2014. Karen went through a divorce then moved to Columbus, Georgia without knowing anyone here. 

Her service didn't stop there. Karen volunteers twice a week in a 5th-grade classroom, monthly at the Columbus Dream Center, seasonally for Feed My Sheep growing vegetables, monthly for Empowered to Foster babysitting for foster care families, she also teaches at her church during Vacation Bible School and other children's activities. Are you exhausted from reading this so far? She also works full time as a job coach for the developmentally disabled here in Columbus. I have had the pleasure and blessing of meeting this amazing woman who is a shining example of service and selflessness. 

I asked Karen what service means to her and her answer was - joy.

"Joy to me means me being apart of the bigger picture. I hope my service brings joy."

Amongst all her service and work, she finds time to explore, enjoy new adventures, and spend time with her friends and family. Thank you, Karen, for being a leading example of a life filled with service.