Family Time

Family Day Camping Trip

We had a great time on our Family Day camping trip. Camping is one of the best ways to spend quality time with the family and this course will get you prepared. Family time that promotes family bonding, encourages an appreciation for nature, enhances problem solving skills, fosters a healthy lifestyle, and provides exposure to new challenges and adventures will make great memories.

During our scavenger hunt the kids had to solve riddles to figure out what they had to find. They also looked for animals, insects, and flowers. We had a group family hike and an Easter egg hunt. The kids enjoyed building a cool fort, playing games and fun activities. As always S'more night around the fire pit was a winner. They also enjoyed meeting all the fellow campers with four legs. I think the greyhound dogs were the favorite. Hearing them laughing, running around playing, and learning about nature makes us very happy.