Survival Doesn't Mean Destruction

Help Us!

We have all watched the survival shows, and they are great entertainment. But that’s exactly what they are, entertainment. We teach wilderness survival and part of our class is shelter building. A shelter is important in a survival situation because it gets you out of the elements and helps maintain your core body temperature. There is no need to build an elaborate shelter, using multiple trees. Your goal is to be rescued, not have an extended stay. You should be concentrated on signaling to be rescued and build a minimal shelter. This could be as simple as using a large trash bag, which we recommend everyone carry. In our class, we go into detail about shelter options. 

Our friends at the Pine Mountain Trail Association, brought to our attention that people are practicing their elaborate shelter building skills, not dismantling them, and leaving trash behind. Trees are being cut down and campsites are being altered. Please know that volunteer trail workers have to clean up the mess. Not to mention the damage this does to nature. If you want to practice shelter building skills, please use what is already on the ground, and dismantle before leaving. The wilderness is a place that we visit, therefore we must be a good guest. Just imagine, if everyone did this that visited our beautiful parks, we wouldn’t have many trees left. So we, at Iron Braid Adventures, ask that you help us preserve our wilderness.  

This is an example of the damage and destruction people have left behind.

Photos courtesy of Eddie Hall from the Pine Mountain Trail Association

It’s important to be prepared whether you are going on a day hike or an extended backpacking trip. Part of being prepared is having the necessary survival gear should something go wrong. Our Wilderness Survival class is designed to make sure you are prepared and have the skills to survive, should you get into trouble. Below are examples of the types of shelters you would actually use in a survival situation if you were prepared.

We all love exploring and having fun in the great outdoors, and we know that everyone wants to do the right thing. So let us all be a good guest and leave the great outdoors as is.