Wilderness Survival Skills

There are countless stories of people that take the wilderness for granted and go out unprepared. Whether it’s five minutes, five hours, or five days, there are basic supplies you should always carry with you. A simple day hike can easily turn into a survival situation, even on a trail, you are familiar with.

A father and his two sons set out on a day hike unprepared, they got lost on the trail and died from hypothermia when the weather turned deadly.

A woman hiking the Appalachian Trail solo wandered off the trail and was lost. She survived a month but died from exposure and starvation. When she was finally found two years later, she was only two miles from the trail. 

An Atlanta man got lost on the Pine Mountain Trail in Georgia. He had no map, water, food or flashlight. He wandered off the trail just before dusk. Once dark fell he called for help with the only thing he had, his cell phone. Fortunately, he was found safe.

A woman was lost on the Pine Mountain Trail with no map and only a half a bottle of water. Luckily she passed someone on the trail that was prepared and able to help her. She was two miles off course and continuing in the wrong direction when found. She was escorted back off the trail safely.

The wilderness is something we must respect, but as long as we prepare, there is no reason to fear it. Our Wilderness Survival class will help you be prepared for emergency situations, and help get you rescued. Our instructor will stress the importance of being prepared and teach you what you should always carry with you. You will learn the seven priorities of survival and the most important, how to get rescued. You will have hands-on practice to master each skill set. 

Register for one of our Wilderness Survival classes to prepare yourself for whatever situation arises. These skills not only apply to the wilderness but also can be used in a natural or manmade disaster. Having these skills saves lives!