Become A Stronger Hiker

Become A Stronger Hiker

Your core is a complex series of muscles that extend far beyond your abs. Our core muscles are incorporated into almost every movement we make. For this reason, it's important to strengthen your core to improve your hiking. Your core acts as a stabilizer and force transfer center. This makes up pretty much all of your torsi, and then some. When you are looking for exercises that you are comfortable doing, think front, back/shoulders, sides, and upper legs. Remember to get the green light from your Doctor before starting an exercise plan.

The best way to become a stronger hiker is to hike. So strengthen that body and get out there and hike. You can gradually increase your distance. If you plan to do any backpacking we recommend that you train with your backpack. As with distance, gradually add weight to your pack for training purposes. A general guideline is that your total pack weight should not exceed 20% of your body weight. Carrying to much weight can make a backpacking trip miserable. If you are day hiking the general rule is 10% of your body weight. Calculate what you should carry and gradually work up to your max weight. Some great side effects from hiking/backing could be shedding some extra weight and strengthening your body. So as your training unfolds be sure to adjust your max pack weight. 

We also recommend trying yoga. This will help you with flexibility, relaxation, and a strong core. 

It's also great for stretching during and after your hike.

Once you get the green light from your Doctor, here's the simple plan:

  • Hike, hike, and hike some more
  • Strengthen your core
  • Yoga

This will get you started. As your hiking and body strength improves you can add additional training.