My Empty Nest

My Empty Nest

By: Sabrina Lamberth

My empty nest has definitely been the year of first.  My children had always been my life.  Every day was intertwined with their schedule and I loved it.  I wondered what in the world would I do with an empty nest.  I knew I needed to find a hobby and a passion to keep me busy. A friend knew I loved the outdoors and invited me to a ladies camp out. I had always wanted to learn to camp and absolutely loved the outdoors. On my first camp out I met some of the sweetest fun ladies.  We arrived at camp and our tents were set up, chairs were around a crackling fire and our hammocks were hung in the trees with care.  Sounds almost like the night before Christmas and for me it was. I had never done much for myself so this was a treat and I knew I was hooked.  I loved sitting outside laughing with the girls, eating amazing food and sleeping under the stars and Michele could not have made it any easier.  We tucked in for the night and we were awakened the next morning by the grill sizzling and the absolutely amazing smell of fresh coffee.  I promise it's the simple things.  We had breakfast and then I was off for a little quiet time. Some of the crazy girls went for a trail run,  I spent my time in devotion and prayer while relaxing in the hammock.  How could I not take a moment and thank Jesus for his marvelous beauty and gift of the earth?  After everyone regrouped we had a yummy lunch and went on a really beautiful hike. The hike was a little over 3 miles of trees, streams, and beauty, though all the laughing and talking made it seem much shorter.  Pine mountain has some of the prettiest hiking trails around Georgia. I hated for my weekend to end but I knew I would be back for more.

Soon after this hike, I was chosen as an ambassador for Iron Braid Adventures. Another first! I think it was my strength that made Michele choose me. I had been chosen to go find a few pieces of wood and brought her a whole tree. Little ole me impressed her. This was so cool and I loved the fact that I may be able to encourage a few empty nesters out there to get outdoors and enjoy nature.  We have a tendency when life changes to get stuck. I wanted adventure and I wanted to experience new things but with 3 children in college, this had to be within my financial means. I was honored to be able to encourage women to get outdoors to have fun and not have to spend a lot of money.  Not to mention that when you leave one of Michele's events you feel very loved and cherished. Women of all ages and camping knowledge can enjoy the outdoors through this amazing group.

My next adventure with Michele was a Cowgirl Camp out. This was a blast! This is the prime example of come as you are.  I stepped out of my car onto a squishy wet ground and immediately knew I did not have the appropriate shoes.  Oh well I thought I'm going to make the best of it. It had snowed the week before and Georgia brown snow was still on the ground.  Being a nurse and working the 3 busy shifts prior to this campout, I did not have time to pack and get everything together.  I just wanted a nice getaway to enjoy time outdoors.  I knew Michele would have everything I needed.  It is such a relief to know I can go on a weekend trip and not have to plan for 2 weeks before.  We had such a great time.  I met a lot of new friends on this campout.  Michele had a warm cozy shelter tent set up with blankets and chairs if you wanted to be out of the wind or of course a campfire with S’mores and roasted peanuts. Christina, my fiancé daughter, and friend had joined me on this trip and we had such a fun time together.  We spent hours playing games on the nearby picnic table. The next day was the horseback ride!!  I had never ridden a horse more than in a circle so I was very excited!!  They had horses for everyone’s skill level and size.  No one felt left out or out of place.  That's the magic Iron Braid Adventures creates, they turn "can't" into "can".  Wrong shoes, wrong clothes, wrong size, wrong color, nope doesn't matter here.  Wrong and can't don't exist. We had such a great time riding on the trail, the horses were sweet and the guides sweeter!!  Sadly I had to leave before the cowgirl camp out was over but from what I hear the rest was also very fun and exciting. 

Michele gave me the opportunity to share my other passion, essential oils. Two of my greatest passions combined! I had the opportunity to host an outdoors essential oils class and teach other women the joyful benefits of using pure essential oils.  I was overjoyed to have this opportunity.  Essential oils have changed my life.  I suffered from a lot of health issues including autoimmune and digestive issues.  I am pretty sure none of the above adventures would have happened in my life without the truly amazing benefits of essential oils.  To have natural solutions on life's journey or simply on a hike or camping adventure is priceless.  Lavender can be used on that campfire burn or to help you get some much-needed rest before the big hike tomorrow.  Soreness after that long hike can definitely be conquered with a little deep blue and frankincense for sure.  Of course, don't forget the melaleuca for scratches or those pesky bug bites. I met some really good friends during this class that I still keep in touch with today and reconnected with some pretty awesome friends that came out to support my great adventure. 

I am looking forward to many more adventures with Iron Braid and can't wait to see what new first I get to experience next! My empty nest has been replaced with new adventures, learning new things, and making new friends. If you are new to the “empty nest” phase, I encourage you to join this amazing group of ladies.

Thank you, Michele, for creating this opportunity for any women that want it.