I Love Him Too Much

I Love Him Too Much

I want him to run free but I love him too much. I want him to feel the freedom I feel on the trail but I love him too much. My love for him and respect for others is why Mike stays close to me on a six-foot leash. I do this not just because it’s the law but because I love him.

If we approach another hiker it’s easier for me to move aside without Mike going up to the other hiker. I love Mike but I appreciate that not everyone loves Mike. When I see another dog not on a leash my heart races because although Mike is my sweet boy, he will defend me if he feels the dog racing towards us is a threat. I would hate for another dog to be hurt by Mike because the owner allowed the dog to run free. He is calm, loyal, and lovable but he is a big dog. I would feel horrible if he knocked over a small child just because he wanted to say hello.

We see dogs drinking out of the creeks all the time but I love him to much to take the chance of him getting sick. It’s not safe for me or him to drink untreated water. So, I keep him close to me with a six-foot leash so he can’t drink it.

My love for him and my respect for the wildlife is why I keep Mike on a six-foot leash. I love him too much to see him suffer from the pain of a snake bite. I’d hate for him to get lost chasing after a squirrel or rabbit, and I’d be heartbroken if he actually caught the animal.

 Mike doesn’t mind his six-foot leash, he just loves being with me on the trail and knows I will keep him safe.  

We know you all love your four-legged family members so we just wanted to remind you why there is a six-foot leash law in our State Parks. Please make sure you check the laws before you go on adventures with your furry friend. Leash up and enjoy the trails together!