Hike Fit Series

Hike Fit Series

What is our Hike Fit Series? This idea began with two friends and the trail. Seven miles of ideas flowing and exercises tested, Hike Fit came to life. Thank you, Shannon Byrd! This is a prime example of what I love about the trail. When you quiet the noises of your everyday life, it leaves room for peace, ideas, and growth. Hike Fit is a fun way to get outdoors, meet new people, and push your body to the limit. What's great about Hike Fit is you go at your pace while surrounded by a group that is encouraging and motivating. We have designed it such that beginners to advanced can enjoy a great work out together. The Hike Fit Series is FREE, all you have to do is show up and join in on the fun.

You can complete exercises with or without your pack on and put as little or as much weight as you want in your pack. At each station you will have a set of exercises you will need to complete and you can do as many sets as you want in the allotted time. The only thing we recommend to bring is a yoga mat or towel. You will need to carry water. We will have cold water refills at the halfway points. Please hydrate prior to arriving, we don't want you to start out with a deficit.

We believe it's important to keep exercise fun and change it up to help us stick with it. As always, before beginning a new exercise plan you should consult with your Doctor.

We will be scheduling two sessions per month. We will have four series and each one will be different. Each series will last a couple of months to give everyone time to master before we move on to the next series. The following is the schedule when each will begin.

  • Hike Fit Series I:  August - Meet at Park Office
  • Hike Fit Series II: October - Meet at Trading Post Store
  • Hike Fit Series III: December -  Meet at the WJSP-TV Tower
  • Hike Fit Series IV: March - Meet at Dowdell Knob Trailhead


Hike Fit Series will take place at Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park