The Dirt | Fall 2018 Edition

The Dirt

 Fall 2018 Edition: September 22nd - December 21st

We are looking forward to welcoming cooler temperatures, saying goodbye to the bugs, and witnessing the forest shed its clothes. The trees will begin preparing for a long winter's nap by changing the color of its leaves before releasing them to fall to the ground. There are so many fun activities during this season. 

We hope you will join us this Fall but most of all we hope you will get outdoors and enjoy the crisp fall air. A change of season always feels like a new beginning. A time to try new things, explore new places and make new memories. 


Ellijay Apple Festival

October 13-14 & 20-21

Hundreds of vendors offering food, art, crafts, and more. There are over 300 vendors with handmade, hand-crafted items, as well as many on-site demonstrations of how selected types of crafts are made. This year promises many new crafts as well as favorites from past festivals. 

Georgia has some amazing U-pick apple orchards in the north Georgia mountains.

What apples are best to pick in October? Here's our favorites:

Early October: Granny Smith- tart | Mid October: Fuji - sweet | Late October: Pink Lady - sweet

Upcoming Events | October



Appalachian Trail Experience

October 5-7

Experience the AT with us!


Wine & Cheese Girls Night Out

October 13-14



Edge of the Wild: Eco-Art Therapy Class

October 20


Backcountry Relaxing

October 20-21

Join us for a fun and relaxing night under the stars


Ladies Haunted Camp

October 27-28

A little fear and lots of laughter will make for a great time.

Hike Fit Series

We will start our series II which will involve short distance running, hiking, and four stations where you will complete exercises in an allotted time. At the halfway point we will have cold water available for refills.

There are ways to make this easier or harder. You can complete exercises with or without a pack and carry as much weight in your pack as you are comfortable with. You can complete one round at each station or complete as many as you can in the allotted time. 

For Series II, we will meet at the Trading Post store in the campground. You will need to purchase a parking pass. 

This event is FREE but please send us an email or text to let us know you


October 14th @ 1:30

October 28th @ 1:30

November 18th @ 1:30

November 25th @ 1:30

Fall Hiking

Crisp fall days and beautiful colors make Fall a popular time for hiking. It's important to remember the following:

  • The days are shorter and it gets dark earlier on the trail. Make sure to plan your hike to be off before trail dark. Always carry a flashlight just in case.

  • Carry extra clothing that you can layer on.

  • Temperatures can change dramatically throughout the day especially once the sun goes down.

  • Be aware of hunting season in your area. Wear bright colors, orange is best.

  • Leaves can cover the trail and make navigation more difficult at times. Stay alert and always carry a map.

  • Wet leaves can also make the trail slippery so watch your step.

Upcoming Events | November & December



Hike Run Walk Camp

November 10-11

A day of exercise and an evening relaxing around the campfire


Mrs. Clause Night Out

December 1-2

Come relax and have some fun before the hustle and bustle of the holidays begin


Pine Mountain Trail Thru-Hike

December 8-9

We will spend two days and one night completing the PMT. Join us for some fun!

What Does Layering Mean?

The best way to stay comfortable during cooler temperatures is to layer. We've all heard the rule of layering but to be successful at it you must first understand the function of each layer.

  1. Base layer: wicks sweat off your skin. The materials that work best can be synthetics such as polyester and nylon, or natural fibers like silk and merino. There are differences but I say go with what you like. I personally like silk but I also have used merino.

  2. Middle layer/Insulating layer: Retains body heat to protect you from the cold. There are both synthetic and natural options available.

  3. Outer layer: Shields you from wind and rain. Fabrics are designed to make the rainwater or snow bead up and roll off.

  4. Also wear a hat, scarf, gloves and take an extra pair of socks

Base layer + clothing + jacket + windbreaker + gloves + hat + warm socks = happy hiker

If you have the right layers and throw on a hat and some gloves you can safely and comfortably explore during colder temperatures.

Group Hikes

Our group hikes are free but please let us know if you plan to attend. You can email or text us.  | 706-573-2968



East End Loop

October 21st @ 11:00 Meet at the WJSP TV Tower


Veterans Day Hike

November 11th @ 12:00 Meet at the parking lot across from the Country Store. We will be taking donations for the Warrior Expeditions organization.


Reindeer Hike

December 15th @ 10:30. Meet at the Trading Post Store inside campground. We will have candy canes, hot cocoa and cookies.