The Dirt | Winter Edition

The Dirt  

Winter Edition | December 21st - March 20th

Winter is a great time to get outdoors and explore. It's a time to explore frozen waterfalls and frosty mountaintops, a chance to see more animals and enjoy the peace of less crowded trails. Winter hiking, especially in the snow, burns more calories. For this reason, as well as you may get cold faster, you need to carry lots of high energy snacks. Layer up and get out there!

  • Base layer - wicks moisture away from your body and is worn under your clothes

  • Middle layer - a jacket that will retain your body heat

  • Outer layer - protects you from wind and rain

  • Also have a hat, gloves, extra socks, and a scarf

Staying Hydrated

We tend to only think about the importance of staying hydrated during the hot summer months. It's just as important during the winter months. Dehydration can actually accelerate hypothermia and frostbite. On a very cold day, water bottles can freeze. You can help prevent this by storing your water bottles in some type of insulation such as wool socks. We also recommend storing bottles upside down to prevent water from freezing at the neck of the bottle. If you plan to be out for several hours or in especially cold temperatures, carry a thermos bottle with a hot drink or soup. 

Is snow safe to drink/eat? If it's freshly fallen snow it's generally okay to drink it.  You can eat it but we recommend that you melt it first. The reason is by eating the snow you are lowering your core body temperature. We don't recommend drinking large amounts but in a pinch drink up.

Cabin Fever / Seasonal Depression

We've all experienced that cabin fever feeling during the cold winter days but we live in the south and our winters, although sometimes cold, are doable. It's important to still get outside as we can suffer from seasonal depression as well. This occurs as a result of decreased exposure to sunlight and low levels of vitamin D. Make it a habit to take at least a short walk every day. On weekends grab your friends and a thermos full of hot cocoa or coffee and head out for a hike. Another plus is, enduring the elements cause you to burn more calories in the winter months. Bundle up and head outside instead of hibernating. 

Upcoming Events



Winter Pine Mountain Trail Slackpacking Thru-Hike

January 19-20

Join us for our winter PMT slackpacking thru-hike where we will spend two days completing the 23-miles. When you are finished hiking for the day we will shuttle you back to the campground where you can take a hot shower and crawl into your cozy tent after dinner. After a good nights sleep and breakfast, we will begin our second day of hiking to finish up. We handle all the logistics and will provide you a recommended packing list.


Group Hike - Dowdell Knob Loop

January 26th @ 11:00

We will hike the 4.3 mile Dowdell Knob Loop. Meet us at the Dowdell Knob trailhead parking area a little before 11:00 to sign in. Our group hikes are FREE but please let us know if you plan to attend.


Trails to Mountain Roads

February 2nd @ 10:00

We will have a 5k and 10K run that will take you on part of the beautiful Pine Mountain Trail and along the scenic mountain road.


Valentine Group Hike

February 16th @ 11:00

Join us for our group hike! We will hike 4 miles round trip to the Falls and back. Meet us at the WJSP TV Tower parking area a little before 11:00 to sign in. We will begin our hike promptly at 11:00.


PMT 23-Mile Relay Hike

February 23rd @ 8:00

Get your team together and lace up those boots! You can have up to six team members and you decide who hikes how many miles. We take care of all the logistics and a support team will be set up at each road crossing with water and snacks as you hand off your band to your team member. We will have a table set up with special treats and drinks at the finish line. After group pictures at the finish line, your team will be shuttle back to your vehicles.


Pot O’ Gold Irish Pub Night

March 16 - 17

Join us for a wee bit o fun! We will have Irish food, music, and drinks. The evening will be spent relaxing, laughing, eating, and celebrating at our Pot O’ Gold Camp Pub.

Hike Fit Series

Our Hike Fit Series involves hiking, running/walking, and exercise stations. It’s a great way to get exercise in the great outdoors with a group which makes exercise fun. The following Hike Fits will be held at FDR State Park Campground. We will meet at the Trading Post parking lot. This event is free but you will need to purchase a parking pass from the Park Office.


January 5th @ 12:30

February 9th @ 12:30