The Monthly Dirt | June 2019

The Monthly Dirt | June 2019

A friend may be waiting behind a strangers face
— Maya Angelou

We strive to provide a place where women can take a time out from their busy lives to relax, laugh, learn, be themselves, and make new friends. Our events are designed to bring women of different backgrounds and ages together to learn and grow from each other.



PMT Slackpacking | June 8 - 9

Join us for our PMT slackpacking thru-hike where we will spend two days completing the 23-miles.


Group Hike Celebrating Father’s | June 15th

Join us as we hike the 4.3 mile Dowdell’s Knob Loop


Outdoor Skills Course | June 22nd


AT Experience Dicks Creek Gap to Woody Gap | June 27 -30

The Dirt On Gear


The weather can be unpredictable on the mountain so you should always carry rain gear. You can wear a rain jacket with hood or a poncho. If you don’t use a poncho I recommend lining the inside of your backpack with a large contractor grade trash bag to keep everything dry. You can also use a pack cover but they don’t always keep your pack completely dry.


Make sure your socks are the right height for your shoes and fit correctly. You should always carry an extra pair of socks. You will want to make sure your socks are always dry.

Wool: Wool is the most popular hiking sock material and the one that we recommend above all others. It regulates temperature well to keep your feet from getting sweaty and it provides cushioning. Another plus is that wool is naturally antimicrobial so it tends to retain smells less than synthetic fabrics. Most wool socks use blends of wool and synthetic materials for better durability and faster drying.

Polyester: Polyester is a synthetic material that insulates, wicks moisture and dries quickly. It is sometimes blended with wool and/or nylon to create a good combination of warmth, comfort, durability and fast drying.

Nylon: This is another synthetic option that is occasionally used as the primary material. It adds durability and can help improve drying times.

Silk: A natural insulator, silk is comfortable and lightweight, but not as durable as other options. It's occasionally used in sock liners for reliable moisture wicking.

Spandex: Many hiking socks include a small percentage of spandex. This elastic material helps socks hold their shape and keep bunching and wrinkling to a minimum.

Trip Ideas

Len Foote Hike Inn

We enjoy visiting every year. It’s always a relaxing and fun getaway.

The five-mile trek through the foothills of North Georgia is just the beginning of a unique experience. A friendly face, a welcoming smile, a warm meal and a soft bed all greet you at trail’s end.

The Inn — open year round — is a sustainably designed Georgia State Park facility nestled in the Chattahoochee National Forest, just a few hours north of Atlanta. Its four main buildings offer twenty private guest rooms, hot showers, fresh linens and home-cooked meals.

The easy-to-moderate, five-mile path starting from the top of Amicalola Falls is among the most popular mountain trails in the North Georgia Blue Ridge. And one of its most beautiful and diverse. The two-to-four hour hike crosses small streams, traverses scenic ridges and ambles through stands of mountain laurel and rhododendron.

Relaxation, family-style dining and stunning views all make it easy for people, family and friends to do what so few do anymore: spend time enjoying nature together.

The guest rooms are comfortable, but not luxurious. Their 20 guest rooms offer bunk beds, furnished linens, blankets, pillows and towels, and ample lighting. Fans for when it’s warm outside — heaters for when it’s not.

Hike Inn guests enjoy two hot meals a day in the Dining Hall — breakfast and dinner. Both served family style.