The Monthly Dirt | March 2019

The Monthly Dirt | March 2019

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.
— Charles Dickens

Daylight savings time start March 10th. This is the month that we spring forward and most people start getting outdoors more. We have warm summer like days and cold fronts that laugh at us. Our closet is filled with both summer and winter clothes. Spring is coming!

One of the wonderful things about hiking is all it takes is a good pair of shoes and a sense of adventure. But don’t underestimate how strenuous hiking can be. When you train for a long hike you will have more fun and put less strain on your body. Focus on strength training exercises that will develop core strength and balance. Cardiovascular exercises are an important part of training to become a better hiker. Any cardio is good cardio. You can bike, swim, run, or walk. Just get moving!

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March Must Do’s

We have over 46 miles of events this month. Join in on the fun and receive all the benefits from being in the great outdoors. We strive to provide an environment where you can safely get great exercise, make new friends, and most of all have fun.


PMT 14-Miler | March 2nd

Pine Mountain 6.JPG

Group Hike | March 9th

Wolf Den Loop 6.7 miles


Hike Fit Series | March 23rd

Meet at Trading Post


Fools Hike 23-Miler | March 30th

Hike Fit Series

Join us for our hike fit series! This work out is to help build your endurance and strength which will improve your hiking and help prevent injuries. It will involve a one-mile hike, short distance walking, and exercise stations.

There are ways to make this easier or harder. You can complete exercises with or without a pack and carry as much weight in your pack as you are comfortable with. You can complete one round at each station or complete as many as you can in the allotted time. 

We will meet at the Trading Post store in the campground. You will need to purchase a parking pass. 

This event is free but please send us an email or text to let us know you plan to attend.  |  706-573-2968

  • March 23rd @ 11:00

  • April 6th @ 12:00

  • May 18th @ 11:00

Monthly Group Hikes

Our Group Hikes are free but please send us a text or email so we know to expect you. | 706-573-2968

  • March 9th @ 11:00 - Wolf Den Loop 6.7 miles. Meet at the WJSP TV Tower trailhead

  • April 27th @ 10:00 - Overlook Loop 3.4 miles. Meet at the Country Store parking lot.

  • May 11th @ 11:00 - Mountain Creek Nature Trail & Delano Trail 4 miles. Meet at the Amphitheater /Shelter parking area inside the campground.

Appalachian Trail Experiences 2019

We have a beginners trip for those that want to test the waters. Our beginners experience is 2 nights/three days on the Appalachian Trail. We will guide you through the whole experience. You will hike about seventeen miles in three days. These fill up quickly!

  • May 25th - 27th We have 3 spots left

  • May 31st - June 2nd SOLD OUT

2019 Schedule

Dicks Creek, GA. to Woody Gap, GA. | June 27th -30th

Winding Stair Gap, NC to NOC, NC | July 12th -14th

Winding Stair Gap NC. to Dicks Creek Gap GA. | August 31st to September 2nd

Springer Mountain, GA. to Woody Gap, GA. | October 12th - 13th

Fools Hike 23-Miler

Join us as we tackle the whole 23 miles of the Pine Mountain Trail in one day. We will have support staff, water and snack stations, and shuttles available at road crossings. We want everyone to complete the whole trail but you are in charge of how far you hike. We have a proven process that makes it easier to cross that mile 23 marker.

Our journey will start at 7:00 in the morning where you will begin exploring the beautiful Pine Mountain Trail. We will stop for a lunch break at mile 14 where you will relax on the grass and enjoy the view. All you need to carry is water. We will have a vehicle that follows along with you that will carry any extra gear and transport your lunch.

We will have a snack and cold water refills at trail road crossings. The longest you will go without seeing a support team member is five miles. We want you to test your limits and we know you can do it. But if you need a break or you’ve had enough, we will be there with a shuttle.

Support Stations:

  • 3+ miles - Buzzard Roost - Snack and water refills

  • 3 miles - Fox Den Cove - Snack and water refills

  • 5 miles - Molly Hugger Hill - Snack and water refills

  • 3 miles - Dowdell’s Knob - Lunch Break

  • 4 miles - Rocky Point - Snack and water refills

  • 5 miles - FINISH LINE