Girls camp

Young Iron Braider's


We have a great new course for young ladies. This course was developed to get girls interested and comfortable with the great outdoors. The girls will spend their time experiencing success and building confidence. Through learning new skills and applying them, they will gain a sense of pride, grow more independent, improve social skills, reconnect with nature, and make new friends. Too often our girl's social circles exist primarily on social media. We want to get them away from technology and back to nature. The skills they will learn, while having fun, will not only keep them safe in the wilderness but also help them with their everyday life. We will spend time teaching them safety, fire building, food gathering, water sources, shelter, first aid, and how to signal for help. In addition, we will teach them about wildlife, how to set up camp, and basic backpacking knowledge. If you would like additional information please visit our Courses page or contact us directly. We look forward to watching the girl's confidence grow while having a great time.