what they are saying about iron braid adventures

arra yeakley recommends Iron Braid Adventures July 2019

Michele is the best guide ever! Very knowledgable, excellent training in first aid, wilderness survival; all the bells and whistle. She is fun, friendly, down to earth, and awesome to hike with. She makes the trail so much easier, just being around her. Would recommend to anyone, regardless of skill level. I will definitely be hiking with you again!

Appalachian trail may 2019

Iron Braid Adventures and Michele Eisenzopf thank you! I hope you realize the impact you are making in the lives of so many women. I’ve conquered so many goals… done things I would have told you a year ago that I could never do. You, my friend, are an amazing treasure. I’m still grinning ear to ear knowing I crushed it!

Appalachian trail may 2019

Absolutely loved my Appalachian Trail experience with Iron Braid Adventures! Top notch support, guidance, and expertise for a great price! It was well worth it and I look forward to many more trail experiences with Iron Braid Adventures!! At a water crossing I didn’t trust myself to step correctly. Thankfully, Michele came back to grab my hand and help me across.

Appalachian Trail May 2019

Thank you Iron Braid Adventures for a truly wonderful weekend with an amazing group of ladies!!

Appalachian Trail May 2019

I recommend Iron Braid Adventures only if you want to have a GREAT time in the woods! See the wilderness, become one with the outdoors, survive in the wilderness and push yourself to new horizons.

appalachian trail may 2019

It was awesome! Thank you Iron Braid Adventures for another wonderful walk in the woods!

AT Training - may 2019

Training for this backpacking trip with Iron Braid has been a rewarding experience. I’ve learned a lot and have become more confident in my independence in the woods. Although I think I will always prefer to hike with people than by myself.

group hike - march 2019

I hiked with Michele today, we did Wolf Den Loop - 7.5 miles or so. It was awesome! Michele was encouraging us and me to go further to do more hikes. Meaning to do longer hikes… yeah I can do it.

We Thoroughly Enjoyed It! - March 2019

Thank you so much for what you do!!! You are amazing for putting all these events together and it’s obvious your heart is in what you do and that makes all the difference!! Today pushed me farther than ever in my endurance but we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Trails to Mountain Roads 5K & 10K - February 2019

Thank you so much!!! We thoroughly enjoyed it and it’s obvious your heart is in it which makes all the difference and I will be back. You were so genuine and supportive and we couldn’t have asked for a better host. Looking forward to our next adventure with Iron Braid Adventures!

trails to mountain roads 5k & 10K - february 2019

Thank you Michele for an awesome run in perfect weather and temperatures. We had so much fun and your support was perfect! We will be back for sure!!

trails to mountain roads 5k & 10K - february 2019

This was so much fun and we are so grateful to Iron Braid Adventures for giving us such a great experience. It was just what we needed. We are fans for life!

Love Iron Braid Adventures - january 2019

Michele is a fantastic teacher of the trail focusing on preparation, safety, and fun. If you are interested in hiking/backpacking sign up for one of their events!

winter pmt thru-hike - january 2019

I was one of the participants of this awesome journey with Iron Braid Adventures. Michele is a wonderful mentor, coach, and cheerleader. Get out there ladies and test your limits. It is worth it!

Winter PMT Thru-Hike - january 2019

Great weekend! Thanks, Michele! You’re amazing!

my fears and anxiety were quickly put to rest - October 2018

I am not one to join adventures that don't involve anyone else I know, so I was definitely out of my comfort zone when I decided to join in the Backcountry Relaxing adventure. My fears and anxiety were quickly put to rest once the journey began. Michele was a great host,. The other ladies were a joy to get to know and to hang out with. I will certainly be looking to join in more adventures with Iron Braid!

this trip was an amazing value - October 2018

I recently participated in the Appalachian Trail Experience. It was fantastic. It was my first ever backpacking trip. Michele handled all of the planning, provided valuable packing guidance, and set reasonable expectations for our group. While hiking, we took breaks as needed, so I never felt overwhelmed, even on our long day.

I found going on a guided trip so helpful. I learned from the other hikers and felt free to ask any question as a novice. This trip has absolutely given me some of the skills and confidence to pursue backpacking.

This trip was an amazing value. I would highly encourage anyone who is considering this to do it. I am so glad I did.

I thoroughly enjoyed this class - September 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I came away with some actionable skills. Best yet, I like the way you delivered the information, like you’re sitting around with your best buds making sure they know the scoop. It was awesome and I can’t wait to go on some outings.

thank you for making us feel empowered - September 2018

What a great class! Thank you Michele for making us feel empowered to get out there and have fun. I learned so much useful information today. Can’t wait for the next event!

She was there for us every mile providing encouragement - September 2018

The PM through hike was awesome. Michele pays great attention to detail. She was there for us every mile providing us encouragement, water or whenever we needed. This adventure will always be something that I will remember and be grateful for.

i absolutely love Iron braid adventures - september 2018

I absolutely love Iron Braid Adventures! Michele does a fantastic job of educating you and making anything from outdoor classes to hikes an absolute blast. She is attentive to details and super encouraging. I have attended skills classes, day hikes, and overnight hikes. She’s fantastic at leading all of it. Not to mention you will meet some of the coolest people at these events. People that once were strangers and by the end of the event you are friends.

THANK YOU for all you do - JULY 2018

Thank you for all that you do to make sure that everyone has a safe yet fun experience on the trail.

Thank you Michele for starting the fantastic company and empowering women - march 2018

I am so incredibly excited about everything this company has to offer! This past weekend I attended the Slumber Party Campout. What an wonderful time I had. When we arrived the adorable cabin was set up with food (sweet treats everyone brought) and drinks. We took a few hours to meet everyone play a few games take a few pictures paint our nails soak our feet put on a face mask and just simply unwind! Pizza was delivered to us for supper! Yep didn't have to even go get it .lol After dinner we went to our camp ground and guess what? Wha LA... Our tents were already set up with signs telling us which one was ours. Threw our sleeping bags in and went straight to the fire pit. Grabbed a chair and a blanket while Morgan was already getting the fire started for us! Didn't even have to do that either.... I am telling you this was a stress FREE weekend . ALL the work was done for us. All we had to do was come willing to meet some amazing ladies and Relax! We has everything at our finger tips. S'mores drinks music hot cocoa coffee (a a little wine if you brought your own) and left over pizza from dinner! Morgan even kept wood on the fire until the last one left the pit... When we woke up a very nice breakfast platter with fruit pastries cheese OJ coffee was once again Waiting on us" yep waiting on us.... Didn't even have to cook breakfast. Went for a short walk to stretch legs and say our goodbyes. 
This was my kind of camping let me tell you. No fussing with kids husbands about set up what to eat where to put stuff where not to put stuff etc... There was no real agenda it was just to relax and be outdoors meeting some really nice ladies. So if you are interested in getting away from the day to day busy schedule we all keep during the work week then sign up for one of these campouts. You can unwind let your hair down and just simply connect with yourself and other women. Thank you Michele for starting the fantastic company and empowering women. Thank you ladies for great conversations great food and most of all coming and just being You!! 
Until next time...

Completely out of my comfort zone but i'm so glad I came - march 2018

Thank you Iron Braid Adventures for a wonderful time at the ladies slumber party camp out this past weekend!! Attending this event alone was completely out of my comfort zone but I’m so glad I came. I met so many wonderful ladies this weekend and look forward to seeing them soon at future events! Michele goes above and beyond to make sure you have an unforgettable experience. It was so nice to unwind and relax outdoors and just enjoy my time away. I can’t wait to attend another event!

we left feeling empowered and confident - march 2018

I wanted to take a moment and provide feedback on how much I really enjoyed the class last weekend. My girlfriend and I came expecting to learn something new and have a pleasant time as well. Instead, we left feeling empowered and confident... and we had a FANTASTIC time. I look forward to your backpacking basics class in a couple weeks


We had the most wonderful time - february 2018

Michele is a great outdoor host! We had the most wonderful time on our wolf adventure at Seacrest Wolf Preserve. She had everything ready for us, all we had to do is show up. We will definitely go on other adventures with her and have made new friends.

More than 5 stars - february 2018 

Michelle is awesome and what a fantastic group of ladies.. More than 5 stars I'm going again and I recommend this to everyone !!!

Thanks for hosting such an outstanding and fun filled event - January 2018

The Cowgirl Campout this past weekend was my first event with Iron Braid Adventures and believe me when I say I had an amazing time. Everything was all set up upon arrival and all I needed that weekend were my clothes, a willingness to participate and a pleasant attitude. I met some amazing women from all walks of life and had an absolute blast getting to know them all. Thanks Michelle for hosting such an outstanding and fun filled event. I look forward to attending more Iron Braid Adventures in the future.

I had the most amazing time - January 2018

I had the most wonderful time with some amazing ladies this past weekend attending your Cowgirl Campout. Thank you Michele for hosting such a fun filled event. I look forward to attending more events in the future.

Iron Braid empowers women to connect to nature

Iron Braid turned my I can't into I can. I never thought I could camp until I was introduced to Iron Braid. Iron Braid empowers women to get outside and connect with nature. They help you let go of stressors, bond with other women, and learn things you never thought you were capable of doing. The friendships made and bonds created while camping are priceless. Empower yourself and soothe your soul by joining Iron Braid on a journey of adventure.

I would give it five stars

This was an awesome trip! If it had a rating I would give it five stars.

Exceeded our expectations December 2017

Michele goes above and beyond. Our Christmas Family Adventure far exceeded our expectations. So nice to have the children unplugged, running, playing, laughing and singing. Most surprising of all, a tent can be toasty even though it's twenty seven degrees outside! Many, many thanks Michele for what you give.

Michele was awesome December 2017

Enjoyed the Family Christmas event at FDR State Park. Michele was awesome!

five stars isn't enough!

Five stars isn't enough! I would give ten stars if I could. I did the Girls Camping trip this weekend and it was amazing. Michele goes above and beyond to make sure everyone has a great trip. You literally don't have to bring anything other than a pillow and personal items, she has got everything covered! If you aren't sure if camping is "your thing", it will be after a trip with Michele. I plan on doing more with Iron Braid very soon! This was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time and I feel like I came away with new friends.

the best experience - November 2017

We left Columbus Friday evening to meet some strangers in the woods for a girls camp out... we came home Sunday morning already missing our new friends! This was THE BEST EXPERIENCE. Michele went above and beyond to create a wonderful experience for all of us. Can't wait to do it again!

Thank you michele

Thanks for all the skills and confidence you have given me!


Such an awesome time!!


Such a great time! Michele was such a kind and knowledgable host for our camping trip!! If you're thinking about doing this, DO it!!

A Million thanks!

My favorite season started today! I celebrated by taking the day off to take my first solo hike. A million thanks to Iron Braid Adventures for getting this passion going!

A girls adventure was just what i needed

A girls adventure weekend was just the reward I needed...

PAMPERED - september 2017

I truly had the best time! I never thought I'd feel pampered on my camping trip but Michele prepared our meals wonderfully and made sure we were comfortable. We learned a lot of cool tips. Thank you for a great relaxing outdoor weekend!

her passion and enthusiasm 

Michele is extremely passionate about the outdoors and she loves to share her enthusiasm with others. Return to the great beauty of our natural wilderness and book a trip with Iron Braid Adventures today. You will be glad you did.

We have learned so much

My girlfriend and I are very into outdoor activities and have learned so much from just a few "Hike and Learn" adventures with Iron Braid! I'm so happy we have something like this locally now.

very informative

What a great opportunity for women in the Columbus, GA area to get together and enjoy the great outdoors with other women. I've had the chance to attend one of the classes and it was very informative with a lot of group participation. The hiking trips are awesome as well!!

they go above and beyond

They go above and beyond providing support and encouragement. This doesn't end after a course or adventure with them. I love that I have found such a supportive group!

had a great time!

I had a great time! I thought everything was perfect. Just hanging around and not having to have planned and worried over details was great. 

Wonderful time

I had a wonderful time this weekend and look forward to more adventures with Iron Braid. 

we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - August 2017

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves today! We look forward doing more hiking & learning with you. My legs & back can definitely tell that I exercised today! It was way overdue!!! Thanks for checking in on us! See you again real soon!!!

always have a blast - july 2017

We always have such a blast with Iron Braid Adventures but this weekend tops the rest... 

By far the most interesting, fun, & beneficial weekend - july 2017

This was by far one of the most interesting, fun & beneficial weekends spent to date. Iron Braid Adventures put on an informative, hands-on seminar regarding wilderness survival. We learned a lot - first aid, how to build proper shelters, trap/snare/forage for food, collect water, signal, outfit a pack with the essentials (it's not what a lot of you would think) along w other life saving lessons. I would highly recommend seeing what they have to offer. Thank you for such a unique seminar - where the knowledge I gained will allow me to survive until rescue if ever needed.

thank you for bringing this to Columbus

I am so thrilled to see that there is a group like yours teaching "regular" folks, especially women, how to enjoy the outdoors. My son is going to Eagle this year so I've shared with him I'm going to miss our monthly campouts and hikes after this year. Now that I see your website and see that you and your team are doing some of those same things, I am excited that I will have a venue that will enable me to continue enjoying my love of the outdoors. While I've not met you nor joined any of your trips or classes, I would like to thank you for bringing this to Columbus!