Our Mission

We strive to provide a place where women can take a time out from their busy lives to relax, laugh, learn, be themselves, and make new friends. Our events are designed to bring women of different backgrounds and ages together to learn and grow from each other.

Everything you learn in the wilderness translates into skills that you can use throughout your everyday life. Our mission is to share our passion of the outdoors and help everyone find their strongest self through teaching them skills and providing experiences that are thrilling, relaxing, and unforgettable. The bottom line is, we want to give to others what the wilderness has given to us.

"It’s not about the trail. It’s about what we find on the trail."


We believe that through education comes enlightenment. All of our classes are designed to teach you all the basic skills you need to have successful adventures.  Our classes will prepare you to go out and explore the world.  So take the first step to becoming the adventurous explorer you want to be by joining us for our informative classes. 

Backpacking Basics / Day Hiking Basics 

 Wilderness Survival    

Trail Safety & Defense



Experience the thrill of adventure with us guiding you all the way. Our adventures are designed to test your limits in a setting that you will feel comfortable doing so. Experience the great outdoors with us right by your side.

Special events

We're here to make lasting memories with our guests. Our events are created to ensure you have a great experience, while learning things along the way, and making life long friends. Come along with us to disconnect and peel back those layers to find your strongest adventurous self. We all need to relax and have fun once in awhile.